Tuesday, May 15, 2007

mGinger - A Revolution!

Some of you might have already heard about mGinger, Yeah the one which promises to Spice up your mobile! I recently signed up for that, I must say the initiative is pretty impressive. It was launched on 19th April 2007 and is still in a beta stage. Actually it was started by a few IITian's with the approach that we as consumers should decide which advertisements we are interested in viewin' so that our time is not wasted in viewin' unnecessary Ad's and we in turn benefit from the Ad's which we are viewing. I personally like this concept and hence have signed up for the same. This concept can be a success only if they get advertisers who would want to advertise with them.

Now the main catch lies in the fact that you would be paid to view each advertisement you receive, sounds interestin'? It goes like this:
  • Get 20 paisa for every ad you receive
  • Get 10 paisa for every ad your friends receive
  • Get 5 paisa for every ad your friend's friends receive
  • Accumulate Rs.300 & receive a cheque
That's it, I don't think there is any catch in this. Some insecurities on Privacy of Mobile numbers are always there but if you compare we have nothin' much to loose.
All you need to sign up is a Mobile number and an e-mail ID. The sign up process is simple and takes hardly five minutes. Special care must be taken while fillin' the Preference form for the Advertisements.
I request all of you to have a look at it and try and sign up for the same.
Visit - mGinger
You may also visit the FAQ's section and the Official Blog.


Anonymous Anonymous said...


I just discovered that you can get paid to read ad's on your cell phone. Ads which are based on our preference. And the earning is not in few hundred rupees, but can turn into thousands. Its like i am making side income. Check it out - www.sms2india.co.in

However you need a invite id - Here it is - hul77
See how much you can make!! You will love it, coz i did.

- Mike

Tuesday, June 5, 2007 at 6:58:00 AM GMT+5:30  

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