Friday, June 01, 2007

Choose your New7Wonders!

Yeah that's true, now you can choose your new 7 wonders of the world. Just log in to -
You have 21 wonders to choose from, The Pyramids of Giza, Egypt being the only exception. After careful consideration, the New7Wonders Foundation designates the Pyramids of Giza — the only remaining of the 7 Ancient Wonders of the World — as an Honorary New7Wonders Candidate.
Therefore, you cannot vote for the Pyramids of Giza as part of the New7Wonders campaign.

The votin' procedure is pretty simple just sign up and choose your 7 Wonders, alternatively you can SMS TAJ to 4567 (Am assumin' Taj Mahal would be one of your candidate when you vote). You can vote via phone too, check the website for the numbers.
You can Vote and buy Certificate too.
Vote for your favorite candidate and receive a personalized New7Wonders Certificate featuring that monument (US$2). I was initially thinkin' to buy it but dropped the idea later.

Now since it is based on people's votes, India havin' the second largest population, Taj Mahal must be selected.. but sadly that's not the case. According to some predictions Taj Mahal requires an approximate 30 Crore votes to be selected for the final 7. The Government I feel is not actively participatin' in promotin' the same.. some NGO's are tryin' but still as proposed there is no awareness amongst the people. We ought to do somethin' to make it a success(?)
All those who are interested (heck everyone should be), must vote. I personally suggest to increase chances vote once online and the next time send in an SMS :-)
Yeah it's allowed and those guys shall count it as two.

The New7Wonders of the World will be announced on 07.07.07 in Lisbon, Portugal.
So go ahead your vote counts! Help make history...


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