Monday, January 14, 2008

Back to Blogging after 5 months, in itself feels great. Though I never really was a regular blogger, ahh I remember the post where I had coined the term 'Random Blogger' for me. (Too lazy to link it up, sorry!)

Well, I don't know why but off late I get this feeling where in I feel very sexually charged up-excited. I can't handle this situation it's very different from what used to happen some years back when I had just entered puberty. Earlier it used to be just infatuation, but now I feel something strange, something I am not familiar with. I sometimes feel why on the fucking face of earth I still am a virgin, may be because I never had the opportunity to loose it. Off late every girl I meet seems so 'do-able', I guess my preferences have shifted.

Well what do I do when I land myself in such a sexually-excited situation, I smoke. Yes I chain smoke till the point, when my fingers start shivering as I try to get the bud closer to my lips. I then take a deep breath and sit idle looking out of the window, looking at the tall buildings outside. Thinking deep within, thinking about someone, thinking of being with someone.

For long I have wondered that do women also crave for sex, like men do. Analyse this. To sleep with someone first you need to know him/her, pamper him/her, try spending some time with hiim/her, then if the time is right sleep with him/her. When I type this out, please don't think that sex is all am interested in when I think of someone, the point what am trying to make here is that to have sex with a women this is all what we men have to do.
Now since there are some of us who at a certain point(Not Always) just crave for sex, and there must be some women who also feel the same. Why does it look vulgar when a guy approaches a woman with the sole intention of sleeping with her. Why can't women understand this. Even if you try raising this point with them, then the whole debate begins. Let me write down some general points you get to hear:

Women(W): Does he think am a woman of cheap standard. Or does he think that am a sex-commodity to be used by anyone and everyone?

Men(M): Who said you are one with cheap or low standards, I am just interested in sleeping with you, what makes it cheap for you?

Women generally get a feeling of triumph when they see a man trying his level best by pampering, caressing them in order to sleep with them. (Am not talking in situations where love is involved and you try to build a long-term relationship with someone)
I partly agree with this fact that too sleep with someone it's his/her will if he/she likes it or not. Even if you analyze it from the fairer-sex's perspective you would agree because see it's their wish whom they sleep with or what their priorities are, or how they choose their partners.

I can't say the system is wrong, but there's something definitely wrong. Why can't I easily approach any women with the sole attention of sleeping with her. Why does the society think it's bad and cheap behaviour. Am not afraid of rejection, may be I meet someone who is also as eager and as excited as I am(at that frame of time), and doesn't mind. Why is the society so fucked up, why?

I don't think I would ever find an answer to this question. For now, I am contempt with my pack of Davidoff Lights!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Our desire for sex is so strong because it's the only way for the species to survive. Hence it's mean't for only procreation.
But when "society" see's someone who wants to sleep with someone, one night stand, fuck,make love, whatever you wanna call it. It triggers the "cheap" labelling syndrome. there could be 2 reasons for it:
1 - maybe society isn't getting some, so there jealous if someone else is, so they bring em down.

2 - it shows that the person has no control over there own desires. No self control. It's like smoking. You see a smoker and u know that he's got low self discipline and has issues. hence it shows weak character and people loath it.

Saturday, January 26, 2008 at 11:58:00 PM GMT+5:30  

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